Home World From the US, Bolsonaro maintains his coup spirit: "Lula won’t last long"

From the US, Bolsonaro maintains his coup spirit: "Lula won’t last long"

From the US, Bolsonaro maintains his coup spirit: "Lula won't last long"

From the United States and with the echoes of the coup attempt by his supporters at the beginning of January, the former president of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro reappeared publicly and He said that if the government of Lula Da Silva “continues in the line that it has shown in these first 30 days, it will not last long.”. Bolsonaro’s words were heard in a restaurant in a shopping center in Orlando, Florida, during a paid act organized by the conservative group “Yes Brazil USA”.

The former president chose to lower the tone of his speech and ignored the entry of his supporters to the government building, Congress and the Supreme Court of Justice on Sunday, January 8. “We regret what some inconsistent people did. That is not our right. That is not our people,” said the far-right leader, who during his government flirted with the idea of ​​maintaining de facto power.

In any case, Bolsonaro made a distinction between those who participated and maintained that “there are many aggrieved people there. That is not terrorism according to our legislation. People must be individualized, invade, prey, and each one pay for what they did.” .

Faced with Bolsonaro’s followers in the United States, who paid between 10 and 50 dollars to listen to him, the former president also avoided insisting on the idea of ​​fraud regarding the presidential elections in which Lula was defeated in the second round, but left the possibility open. doubt: “I have never been as popular as last year. Much higher than in 2018. At the end of the day, one is left with a question mark in the head.”

Bolsonaro’s future

The former ruler entered the United States on December 30 with a diplomatic passport, since he still had two days left in office. Since then he has not returned to Brazil and has broken the tradition of participating in the presidential inauguration ceremony. “I’ve been here for 30 days, I intend to stay for a while longer. I’m not sure how long yet. I miss my country so much,” he said.

Asked if he intends to run in the 2026 elections, Bolsonaro assured that he will continue to be active, although he did not confirm that he will be a candidate. “I think I have left many leaders in Brazil. There are many good people who are coming to Congress, who were elected to the Executive,” he said.

Whether he is a candidate or not, Bolsonaro did make it clear that he will continue to influence the politics of his country: “We have ahead of us (the municipal elections of) 2024. It is a very important year. We cannot abandon politics. Politics is part of our lives I am 67 years old and I intend to remain active in Brazilian politics.”

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