From the ruins of his company a more prosperous one emerged.

Maria Lopez never imagined that, to have big shops of clothes in the Dominican Republic, I would return to the streets of La Duarte to start from scratch to later become a successful seamstress.

López, had three stores, one located in Santo Domingo and two in Punta Cana, dedicated to commercialize clothes imported from the United Statesbut due to “economic issues” he found it necessary to leave his establishments.

When she was still a young woman with a desire for growth, her businesses “went down.” “In six months I lost almost 12 million pesos because the city council closed the streets in Punta CanOh, the tourists couldn’t go out, that’s when I decided to close it,” López said, about how everything that happened around him contributed to his failure.

She trusted what she had built. However, the chances of recovery were slim. Her accountant informed her that there were insufficient funds.

“Without a home, without a business and small children, I decide to return to the capital and start anew,” she said, nostalgic for the memories.

Hard two years unemployed and having to sell his house to pay off debts, he decided to go to the United States in search of better living conditions.

One year later, He returned with the idea of ​​creating his own project. Upon his arrival, he met Mario, a tailor, who motivated him to materialize what he dreamed of.

“When I saw their machines, I was moved, and I said how nice this is! How is it done? And he took it upon himself to teach me how to use it. He was my first teacher,” he narrated.

Lopez, 40 years old. learned to sew on more than eight machinesalthough he began his project “La Mega Collection” with only two.

“I started with two machines, one flat and one mere in the canopy of my house, which was in the middle of construction; And with 30 pounds of fabric, which at that time was equivalent to 3,500 pesos, I made the first garments,” he added.

These pieces that López sewed were sent to salons and some stores in order to sell them and reintegrate into the market. The process of finding clients from her home was slow, but her desire to get ahead of her took her miles.

“I was never calm, where they told me there was a store that liked lycra, there it was. The stores saw me as what was ‘one of them’ and that resentment made the doors open for me, “he said.

The designer closed her businesses, but not the chances of one day having it again. That is why she accepted the recommendation of a former employee to start her business on the sidewalk where her old store was on Duarte.

“Going from store to store was difficult. That is why I placed myself there with a carpita and I became a participant in the Association of Peddlers”, López commented.

Under the rays of the sun and the dust caused by the vehicles, this mother worked tirelessly… she did not want to give up, but her attempts were close.

"On two occasions I said that I was going to remove the business because it was on the sidewalk and it was difficult. And my father, who helped me financially at home, encouraged me to continue, he told me, “don’t despair, everything will be fine. Go to the step, the clients will arrive “”, narrated López, who today considers that they were words of encouragement, but also of despair.

The hard work and persistence of this entrepreneur led her to establish her sewing workshop in 2018, with her children being her first employees.

“My children are my inspiration and my point of support in everything I have done. They woke up with me, and while I sewed, they cut the thread and folded the clothes,” she expressed.

There are no limits!
The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, at which time the “economy came to a standstill” was another test that López passed.

“During the confinement, I go back to work at home and create two mask designs that a Chinese merchant liked, and we did business,” he said.

He explained that from his home he began to make volume and when the contract for the masks ends, he reopens the workshop and begins to work with people of Haitian nationality.

“Haitians ask me for large productions, in addition to recommending me to other clients. Today 80% of my clothes go to Haiti, and perhaps 10% of the volume stays in La Romana, Santiago, Higüey and Hato Mayor”, he indicated.

He also highlighted that has a contract with two hotel chains in Punta Cana and Bávaro, for making white changing rooms; and in Santo Domingo, with the Garrido stores.

A faith entrepreneur
López’s aura is that of a woman who has found an opportunity to grow in the most difficult moments of life. Pitfalls that she has been able to overcome with the confidence she has in her and her faith in God.

“It’s something too big, something super natural, something for God,” he said. He stressed that she understands that she has the knowledge, but without faith nothing could have been possible. “From not being able to pay the rent, to having 10 operators, she has taught me that losing is also winning.”

His efforts began to bear fruit, sHis clients asked him for more production and his employment had to increase.

The workshop has a team of seamstresses who, together with María López, Yoan López, her eldest son, and her mother, Juana de la Cruz Gomera, sew thousands of pieces every week.

“I want to create my brand”
López, in addition to designing dozens of clothes for large stores and virtual clients, expressed that her next goal is to be able to make her own brand and work so that it can be recognized on the Dominican catwalks.

“López López (LL) is the clothing brand that I want to create, and my children (Yoan López, Sauro Scalella and Marielis López) are my inspiration, who give meaning to all this,” he emphasized.

“To you woman”
López is an example of the Dominican woman who fights even when her strength is exhausted, who goes the extra mile and walks a path full of thorns, hoping that in the final goal she will harvest the best flowers.

She does not want her life legacy to remain in what she has done to survive, she aspires to inspire other women.

“In 10 years I focus on building these four hundred meters that are in the business, a house that when the lights come on is a ray of hope to lead her to a better life,” he confessed.

She said that she wants to be that home that gives clothes to people who don’t have them, and teaches women to sew their own future.


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