From the Party: “They have warned us not to travel to Turkey”

Víctor De la Parte (Vitoria, 36 years old) was traveling to Turkey on Monday to participate, starting Thursday, in the Ottoman race. When he was about to embark, he had to turn around and return to his house. Diario AS has contacted him.

-Where are you?

-You catch me entering the house, unloading the material and the travel suitcases.

-What has happened?

-I had a flight from Barcelona to Paris to then fly to Turkey. When I was about to board they called me not to get on the plane because the race has been cancelled.

-What day did it start?

-On Thursday the 9th. I was very excited to run it because I have never done it and I have heard very good things about it.

Are there people from Total Energies already there?

-Yes Yes. And they are very concerned about the magnitude of the earthquake and because it seems that there may be more. They are far from the epicenter but there is a lot of concern. They are the people who have driven the bus or race cars.

Have you talked to other colleagues?

-Of course, each one was taking a plane from their place of origin but, since there is no race, it does not make sense to travel as things are. It’s a shame but the most important thing is those affected.

-He usually resides in Vitoria, Andorra and even Colombia. Where is he now ?

-I have returned to my house in Andorra, it has not been too many kilometers either. But yeah, a little nuisance.

-Have you already debuted in the 2023 season?

-Yes, I was at the Valencia Classic in mid-January. But it was a test of only one day and in Turkey he planned to start competing in stages.

-And, what calendar do you have next?

-Next week, on Tuesday, I fly to Rwanda. I am going to run the Tour of that African country.

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