Home Sports From racing with Lamborghini to the challenge of the Dakar

From racing with Lamborghini to the challenge of the Dakar

From racing with Lamborghini to the challenge of the Dakar

six years ago Fidel Castillo (Jaén, 2001) began to visit circuits. Trained at the Ascari Academy, the man from Jaén stood out with the prototypes and despite the fact that his career on asphalt has only just begun, the 21-year-old launches into the unknown: the Dakar is his next goal and will go from competing with Lamborghini (in the GT Cup Europe) and also participate in the program of the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, to discover the harshness of the desert. He will do it in a special way with Marc Solá on the right of a T4 that is charged with seniority in co-piloting and novices in the tent. The Can-Am that the Spanish couple will have will be under the tutelage of the Ahuja Racing, that will take its university program of solidarity rallies to the most demanding in the world.

The structure, which was born in 2021, will have in the mechanical part with 20 students who will take care of all the work in the bivouac. will not be among that group Castle, also a student of automotive engineering, as he will continue to develop as a driver in a way completely unknown to him until now. And knowing that the Dakar is not a race like any otherthis Ahúja Racing challenge will feature a highly competitive program thought, exclusively, so that the jiennense becomes fully familiar with the terrain and a co-driver, who will face his eighth participation in the mythical raid.

On the last visit that Solá made to the desert, he shared a cabin with Carlos Checa. But now is the time to focus on a challenge that intends to preserve its origins and because of it, beat its peers with the prototype that has dominated the category in recent years. But until that moment is reached, kilometers will be needed that will always seem insufficient and that will begin to add up in this same month of March, with the V Rally Jaén Mar de Olivos. The next 24 will begin a journey that will continue to strengthen in another six tests that will also allow them to discover international territory, to crown his preparation in that Rally of Morocco, which will be the prelude to a dream Dakar, which has already activated the countdown.

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