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From Gea to FC Barcelona if Ter Stegen leaves

The Blaugrana club is already considering alternatives in case the German leaves the club

There could be even more changes at FC Barcelona than what Marc André Ter Stegen had in mind One of the solutions could be De Gea. And the outstanding Teutonic goalkeeper, who has had a remarkable career with the Camp Nou team, would take a different course due to an interesting offer that his agents have reached. This put Joan Laporta on alert, who did not have this possible loss in mind.

Let’s remember this Ter Stegen has had a number of seasons with the culés, but given his apparent departure, Barcelona could consider the name David de Gea. After leaving Manchester United, the Madrid native is a free agent and could be on the list managed by the club’s sports management. He was criticized at the time, but when he was at Atlético de Madrid he was one of the best.

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The Madrid goal is one of the options Laporta has in mind

FC Barcelona are considering David de Gea if Ter Stegen finally accepts the proposal from Saudi Arabia

In this way, it could be established that Laporta had to look for alternatives in the face of an offer from Arabia for the German goalkeeper. Despite all the career that the German international has made in goal for the Blaugrana, He assumes that he will spend his last games in the Catalans’ jersey. Therefore, the proposal of this exotic league is by no means out of the question.

In this order of ideas, Should Ter Stegen decide to end his time at Barcelona, ​​the Catalans will choose De Gea. Aside from his career, in which he was also part of the Spanish national team, they believe he can offer leadership and experience to the club. In addition, the economic question is taken into account, which is a not insignificant aspect in the culé environment these days.

There is not full trust in Iñaki Peña and that is why the culés are exploring alternatives in goal

Although this is the case and Iñaki Peña is earmarked as a player for this spot, there is not full confidence in him. There are even other names thinking about joining the club, such as Luís Maximiano, who played an outstanding role at Almería despite the Indálicos’ crisis in results. For this reason and more, the Portuguese is also part of the Blaugrana’s interest in the next market.

Then we have to wait and see what will happen with this movement. At the moment, Barcelona already have a whole plan in place in the event of Ter Stegen’s departure with the arrival of David de Gea. Of course, expectations are quite high because anything can happen. The changes Deco wants to make can be radical and lead to more exits.

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