From Ethereum to their own innovations: The Dutch are making crypto easier

The crypto world never stands still and the latest Dutch initiative, Planq Network (PLQ), once again promises serious change. With a unique focus on mobile usage and financial inclusion, Planq marks a turning point in the way we access and interact with blockchain technology. This Dutch project aims to bring the world of crypto to an even wider audience.

The future of Planq and financial inclusion

What really sets Planq apart from other crypto networks is its emphasis on mobile accessibility. In areas where traditional computers are in short supply, Planq’s mobile-first approach offers a new path to financial services and DeFi opportunities for everyone without a PC. Not having a computer is becoming a growing problem in this digital world, which Planq hopes to find a solution to.

The Planq network also uses a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, which also gives it an environmentally friendly nature.

Not only can users access the Planq network via a smartphone, but developers can also get started from a mobile phone. This takes the mobile-first aspect one step further. The Planq team has one Roadmap for 2024 set up to really get this mobile-first strategy off the ground worldwide.

The PLQ coin

Purchasing PLQ tokens opens the door for investors to an ecosystem full of innovation and potential. These tokens could be an opportunity to invest in a technology that could shape the future of financial interactions in many places around the world.

At the moment, Planq’s PLQ token is not yet available in many places, but that will change during 2024. You can now invest early in PLQ with the Dutch crypto broker Knaken, among others.

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Planq Network claims to be much more than a blockchain project; It is a movement towards global financial inclusion. With its innovative approach to mobile accessibility and focus on community development, Planq offers a unique opportunity for investors and users to be part of something that could be truly transformative for the world of cryptocurrencies and beyond.

If you’d like to learn more about Planq, be sure to check out the Planq Discord, but we also have a separate channel on the Crypto Insiders Discord discussing all things Planq!

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