From companion dolls to fancy rings; the technological developments of 2024

The World Mobile Telephony Congress in Barcelona is one of the most important events in the telecommunications industry and is used every year by manufacturers to show off their technological innovations.

As always, robots attract most of the attention. Like “Ameca,” a humanoid robot that converses with its interlocutor or a dog that offers its paw recognizes its owner’s voice and can go up and down stairs.

One of the innovations that attracted the most attention this year was “Hyodol”, a doll that looks like a toy, but inside is a robot with sensors and microprocessors equipped with artificial intelligence (AI).

It is intended as a companion doll for older people who live alone or are in need of care.

For car fans, the Alef Aeronautics company showed its “Model A”, which can drive both on the road and in the air and take off vertically. It has electric propulsion and a flight time of about one hour.

The company hopes to begin production of its approximately $300,000 vehicle in late 2025.

Another star of the congress was the ThinkBook Transparent Display laptop from the Chinese manufacturer Lenovo. It has a transparent screen that works on a micro-LED basis. It does not have a keyboard, but rather a touch surface onto which the keys can be projected.

Finally, Samsung presented its “Galaxy Ring”, a smart ring that could be used in the health sector, for example, to collect precise information about the user, such as their sleep status or heart rate.

The ring will be available in three colors, adjustable to different sizes and will be available on the market from the second half of 2024.

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