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Free Crypto For Dutch Users: Bitvavo Introduces Popular Cryptocurrencies

Bitvavo adds popular crypto, Dutch people receive it for free

ZKsync Era, a popular Ethereum scaling solution, has launched its own ZK token, sparking widespread interest in the crypto community. Dutch crypto exchange Bitvavo has swiftly added the highly sought-after token to its extensive offerings.

New to Bitvavo? Register now and receive 10 euros in your account, redeemable for more than 200 different crypto coins, including the newly launched ZK token.

Fast and Affordable Ethereum Transactions with ZKsync Era

ZKsync Era emerged in March last year to challenge established Ethereum layer-2 networks like Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum. Its mission is to address Ethereum’s scalability issues, enabling users to perform faster and cheaper transactions while maintaining the security and decentralization of Ethereum.

The network achieves this by processing transactions off-chain, bundling, and verifying them using zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs. These ZK rollups provide rapid verification and consume less storage space than traditional smart contracts, making ZKsync Era validations faster and cheaper than those of other scaling solutions.

ZK Token: Receive €10 Free

Last week, Matter Labs, the developer behind ZKsync Era, announced the long-awaited launch of its own ZK token. The token will be distributed through a massive airdrop, with 17.5% of the total supply allocated to network users and contributors.

The airdrop is now live, and almost 700,000 eligible wallets can claim their ZK tokens. The airdrop includes 3.675 billion ZK tokens, with the majority going to users who have performed a certain number of transactions on the network.

The token launch is a crucial step in Matter Labs’ plan to further decentralize the network. ZK token holders will have a say in the network’s future by voting on proposed changes and upgrades to the ZKsync protocol. Additionally, users can use the token to pay transaction fees on the network.

With ZKsync Era’s impressive growth since its launch last year, many investors are eager to add the new ZK token to their portfolios. Bitvavo, the largest crypto exchange in the country, is offering new users 10 euros of free credit to purchase ZK tokens or other cryptocurrencies.

Get 10 euros for free

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