France’s important announcement regarding the suspension of flights

France has banned short-haul flights in an effort to fight climate change.

France has officially banned domestic flights on short routes as part of a move to reduce carbon emissions by the airline.

The move, which came into effect on Tuesday, will end air service between Paris and regional hubs such as Nantes, Lyon and Bordeaux, but connecting flights will not be affected.

These areas can be reached in less than two and a half hours by train.

Max Boykoff, chairman of environmental studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder, said the French law will be a test case for governments around the world.

He told Al Jazeera that the impact of the decision would be minimal as only 2 percent of global carbon emissions come from aviation, but it would encourage reductions in carbon emissions in symbolic ways.

They said that rail travel is about a third of the hydrocarbon emissions of flights.

Although the measure was included in the 2021 climate law and has already been implemented in practice, some airlines have asked the European Commission to investigate whether it is legal.

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