Home Sports Fran Cerúndolo, Báez and Cachín play today at the ATP in Lyon

Fran Cerúndolo, Báez and Cachín play today at the ATP in Lyon

Fran Cerúndolo, Báez and Cachín play today at the ATP in Lyon

With Ronald Garros just around the corner -the main draw starts next Sunday- the best ranked Argentines are warming up the racket in the ATP 250 of Lyon, France, and this Tuesday will have action Francisco Cerúndolo (28th), Sebatián Báez (44th) and Pedro Cachín (63rd).

The first to go out on the field will be the Buenos Aires native Báez, who from 6 in the morning -Argentine time- will be measuring the Hungarian Marton Fucsovics (80th) in search of a place in the round of 16.

as long as Cerúndolo, with a great moment, will play not before 7:20 against the Peruvian Juan Pablo Varillas (97th), the same schedule that fell to the Cordovan Cachin to face the French veteran Gäel Monfils (386th).

Schwartzman’s bad timing

The one who did not have good luck was the porteño Diego Schwartzman (93rd), who added another setback in a year to be forgotten and was eliminated this Monday by the American Brandon Nakashima (52nd) by 7-5 and 6-3.

El Peque, who in October 2020 reached number 8 in the world, is going through the worst moment of his professional career and For the first time in a long time, he will drop out of the top 100 if he does not defend. starting next week the points achieved the previous year at Roland Garros: in 2022 he reached the round of 16.

Roland Garros qualy

In Paris, meanwhile, tore off the quality for Roland Garros and the seven Argentines who had action advanced to the second phase of it and are still on their way to reach the second Grand Slam of the season and the only one on clay.

Juan Manuel Cerúndolo, Facundo Bagnis, Camilo Ugo Carabelli, Thiago Agustín Tirante, Andrea Collarini, Santiago Rodríguez Taverna and Renzo Olivo They were victorious and will perform again on Wednesday.

This Tuesday another seven Argentines and the two Albiceleste credits will make their debut in the Parisian qualy in the women’s team, starting with the Merlense Nicholas Kicker (197th), who will face off at 5 in the morning (Argentine time) with the British Jan Choinski (177th). At the same time will also be presented Mariano Navone (219th)born in the Buenos Aires town of 9 de Julio, against the Slovakian Lukas Klein (133rd).

At 6:15 -scheduled time- it will be the turns of the porteño Facundo Diaz Acosta (137th) against the Italian nationalized Rio Cuartense Franco Agamemnon (166th) and Juan Pablo Ficovich (223º)a native of Berazategui, against the Dutchman Gijs Brouwer (138th).

Starting at 7:35 a.m., the Bragadian will seek to extend his stay in Paris Genaro Alberto Olivieri (227th) when he meets the Swiss Henri Laaksonen (213th).

Not before 7:40 the sunchalense Paula Ormachea (184º) will face local Elsa Jacquemont (175th).

While at 8:50 the azuleño will be presented Federico Delbonis (236th) in a South American duel against the Colombian Nicolás Mejía (234th).

At 8:55 the game of Maria Lourdes Carle (149th)born in the Buenos Aires city of Daireaux, before the American Caroline Dolehide (99th).

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