US President Joe Biden has named the first black woman White House spokesman.

Incumbent White House spokeswoman Jane Sackie will step down on May 13 and be replaced by Deputy Spokeswoman Karen Jean-Pierre.

According to the news agency, US President Joe Biden has appointed 44-year-old Karen Jean Pierre, born in a French immigrant family, as the new spokesperson of the White House. Karen Jean-Pierre, the new White House spokeswoman appointed by the US president, declared homosexuality.

Not only that, but Karen Jean-Pierre will be the first gay spokeswoman for the White House. Karen Jean-Pierre is one of President Biden’s most trusted allies.

He was heavily involved in Biden’s campaign for the 2020 presidential election. Jean has previously held key positions in the White House under Barack Obama.

Karen has been described by both presidents as a skilled and honest partner.

Jane Sackie has not given a reason for her resignation, but there are credible reports that she is joining the US news channel MSNBC and that is why she has decided to resign from her current position. What is it.


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