The fact that another can be elected as head of Russia after him is a subject that obviously does not please Vladimir Putin. “We have time before the next election and the discussions on this subject are destabilizing the situation,” he said during an interview on the American channel CNBC on the night of Wednesday to Thursday. “The situation must remain calm, stable so that the organs of the State, the State structures work and look serenely towards the future”, added the Russian Head of State.

The latter also noted that the Constitution authorized him to stand for re-election but that his decision had not been taken. Russia’s Basic Law was reformed in 2020 to allow Vladimir Putin to remain in the Kremlin, if he wishes, until 2036.

Two decades in power

At the helm of the country since 2000, he prides himself on having pulled Russia out of the economic and political crisis born from the fall of the USSR. But this stabilization came at the cost of a concentration of power in its hands and those of the security services.

The authorities have launched an increased crackdown on the opposition and independent media this year, with in particular the ban on the movement of the main detractor of power, Alexeï Navalny, who was imprisoned for him after surviving a poisoning he accuses the Kremlin.


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