Fleet bills 2 million euros in its second year in Spain

In the second year of its establishment in Spain fleetthe leading computer equipment rental company and reference supplier for the main European scaleups, has quadrupled its turnover in Spain, from €500,000 in 2022 to €2 million in 2023, with a forecast of 3.5 million in 2024.

The company, which currently has more than 1,000 customers based in France, Germany, Great Britain and Spain and delivers throughout Europe, the USA and Latin America, has a global turnover of more than 10 million euros. In Spain the company has renowned customers such as Clarity, Seedtag, Prophero, Product Hackers, Haddock and others. In addition, the company consolidating itself as a profitable company is the key to its success Business model Bootstrappingbased on self-financing. This strategic approach has not only allowed it to maintain full control of its operations, but has also strengthened its ability to operate with agility and effectiveness in an ever-evolving market with declining funding for the startup ecosystem.

In the words of Carlos Andión, Fleet Country Manager: “The goal was clear from the start to become the leading rental provider in Europe, but we can only achieve all of this by offering the best service and technology. So far in Spain we have quadrupled our sales compared to last year, and this is thanks to the customers who have not only tried Fleet, but have tried it repeatedly.”

A complete offering to simplify IT and team management for startups

Fleet has overcome the challenges of rental and presented an offer that guarantees fast deliveries and no associated obstacles Shares. The company has implemented efficient inventory management and control through its Cockpit platform and the use of MDM Device Management. “The company places emphasis on customer service, which is portrayed as a problem in the industry. Often this final phase of service is not given the attention it deserves,” Add Carlos Andión, Country Manager of the fleet.

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In the last year, Fleet has expanded the range of rental services to include not only computers, tablets and mobile phones, but also office furniture and IT accessories such as meeting room equipment, telephone booths (soundproof booths), chairs, screens, etc. We adapt to offer complete solutions, that are adapted to the changing requirements of the market.

There is currently an increase in cyber attacks in Spain. More than 60% of companies in the country report having experienced a greater number of cyberattacks in 2023 compared to previous periods, with 1,250 cyberattacks per week recorded in Spain. For this reason, Fleet has integrated innovative Mobile Device Management (MDM) software into its platform called cockpitThis represents a significant change in the work ecosystem and offers users a more efficient and comprehensive experience. Now fleet customers can remotely control and protect all of their devices with just a few clicks. For example, you can encrypt data, install applications, or lock a computer and delete the data in the event of theft. This helps companies obtain international cybersecurity certifications to ensure the appropriate protection and management of sensitive information such as ISO 27001 or SOC2.

On the other hand, the company has integrated with HR platforms such as Payfit and Personio, thereby increasing the efficiency of team management in personnel integration and dismissal processes. This integration strengthens the service offering and provides companies with a more comprehensive solution. These innovative features not only streamline administrative processes, but also optimize teams’ time, providing added value to business management.

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