Flag dispute: Taliban’s disobedience threatens Afghan cricket team

Since the return of the Taliban to power in Afghanistan, there has been a debate over what the country’s official flag should be.

In the name of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the government for the past 20 years used a three-color flag, but the flag of the Taliban movement is white and has the word Kalima Tayyaba written on it, which the Taliban leaders now want to call the official flag.

Since the fall of Ashraf Ghani’s government, people in different parts of Afghanistan have been demanding the preservation of the old flag, and protests and violent incidents in support of these demands have led to a number of people being killed by Taliban fighters in different parts of the country. Have also been killed.

Given the gravity of the situation, Afghanistan’s intelligentsia also called on the Taliban to leave the old flag unattended instead. The Taliban did not accept the old flag but at least postponed the removal of the flag. However, some Taliban supporters have been working individually to remove the three-colored flags, most recently. Some Taliban fighters were seen removing tricolor flags from the graves of slain former Afghan National Army personnel, which was also heavily criticized on social media.

Though it went into the background after some balanced statements by Taliban leaders regarding the flag, the debate intensified again when Afghanistan and Scotland played in the ongoing T20 Cricket World Cup in the United Arab Emirates. The official flag of the former Afghan government was hoisted during the match between the teams.

The statement of Mujeeb-ur-Rehman, who was declared the best player of the Afghan cricket team in the match against Scotland, also added fuel to the fire. “This three-colored flag gives us energy,” he said. It is a great pleasure to see our compatriots waving their flag in their hands and all the players are feeling confident seeing this flag.

Although the Afghan cricket team is playing in the name of the old kit and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and they have been given permission by the Taliban government and even the Taliban have validated the passport issued by the previous government and the country The passport office is still issuing the same passport as before, but it seems that the Taliban leaders have found the behavior and statements of some Afghan cricketers dear.

Afghan Taliban leader General Mubeen Khan called the statements “politics” and said “sport is not part of politics, but if the players use it for politics, then we will see how they get on the field in the future.”

General Mubeen Khan said that we are not against sports. Cricket and cricket board in Afghanistan was founded during the Islamic Emirate but now there is a need for the players of the cricket team to obey the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. There is a system of government which has its own flag and we have sent these players out, not Ashraf Ghani.

“There are better players in Afghanistan than there are in the current team, which we can select for the national team if needed, which is our prerogative,” he said.

General Mubeen Khan said that when these people arrive at Kabul Airport, then they will see which flag the players are waving. He added that he would have to kiss the white Taliban flag at the airport before he could get off the plane.

He said that we have done everything by force and defeated America with the help of Allah and also ousted the government of Ashraf Ghani from the presidential palace by force. If it’s a matter of force, then we know that method well. The Taliban leader said that we did not come to power through elections to respect the opinion of everyone, so the players should keep this issue on the sidelines.

It is believed that this audio conversation of General Mubeen Khan is going viral on social media and when he was asked about it in a TV program, he confirmed that it was his conversation but it was a private conversation. Which went viral on social media against ethics. “I respect the Afghan cricket team and that team is our national pride,” he said.

The position of the Taliban government

Reacting to General Mubeen Khan’s statement, Shahab Lewal, a member of the Taliban government’s cultural commission, said, “I assure the cricket team that we stand behind them and you are the pride of Afghanistan.”

“These are some of our passionate friends who have a problem with the old Afghan flag because of the last long war, but it is their personal opinion that we respect, but it is not government policy,” she said.

Addressing the Afghan cricket team, he said that you have gone to play with the support and advice of the Islamic Emirate and the government is responsible for your protection and dignity. You do not need any worries.

Shehab Lewal said that the nation and scholars are praying that you return home after winning the World Cup.

History of the Afghan flag

Afghanistan’s national flag has been changed 18 times in the last 100 years, during which time many colors have changed on the national flag, but now the Taliban intend to paint it white with the word Kalima Tayyaba written on it.

A protest was held in Dzhalal-Abad on August 19 against the removal of the current national flag of Afghanistan and several people were killed and injured in the firing.

However, it is noteworthy that the flag of Afghanistan has not been changed for the first time as many superpowers have passed over Afghanistan but no one has been able to stop. Similarly, many colors have come and gone on the Afghan national flag but in the present era ۔

The national flag has changed 18 times since Afghanistan became fully independent from Britain a year ago.

First Habibullah Khan added a full black flag, swords and the image of the mosque and then many small and big changes were made.

Under Habibullah Kalkani, 3 colors were added to the flag. In 1974, the flag was spread on an eagle.

After the defeat of the Soviet Union, mosques, wheat and swords returned to the flag in 1992.

In 1969, the Taliban came to power and the flag turned white with the word Tayyaba imprinted on it.

Then the Northern Alliance came to power in Kabul in 2001 and the flag turned green, white and black, and a year later it turned red, green and black.

And now that the coalition forces have left, the Taliban have reintroduced the white flag.








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