Home Sports First step for QSI to buy WPT

First step for QSI to buy WPT

First step for QSI to buy WPT

As reported yesterday The sports worldit seems that Qatar Sports Investments (Premier Padel investment fund) has reached an agreement in principle with the company damn to acquire World Padel Tour (WPT) and thus create from 2024 a single world professional circuit between both organizations, which is a request of the Players Association, which understands that playing two circuits at the same time is an excessive effort that generates many injuries, as has been revealed at the start of the season.

Today the Efe news agency cites strong Damm who confirm that principle of agreement that it would be for the 2024 season, while this year the current situation would be maintainedalthough the reality is that Damm has a valid contract for the whole season with the professional players, and Neither of the two associations has confirmed the renewal of the commitment proposed by the WPT to maintain the relationship.

According to Damm’s sources, QSI would have the majority shareholding of WPT, in addition to being the fund that financially maintains Premier. All this is also subject to the rest of the points being negotiated, and the parties ratifying the agreement.national federations, players and the International itself to carry out a unified circuit. All in all, it is a step forward to get out of the paddle tennis division, although the third circuit would still be competing, the A-1, which recently seems to have also taken root in the United States.

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