Firefighters find a secret refuge for migrants in New York

A secret hideout with Capacity for more than 70 immigrants It was discovered during a fire department inspection of a small business premises in Queens, New York, the authorities said on Tuesday.

The owner of the restaurant, who identified himself as Ebou Sarr, is a 47-year-old Senegalese who has lived in the American metropolis for several years. The man explained that he had welcomed up to “about 74 people,” the vast majority from Senegal.

Sarr assured that he is trying to help his compatriots who cannot find shelter at the same time that New York is struggling to accommodate tens of thousands of newcomers.

Firefighters discovered the site Monday afternoon in the working-class neighborhood of Queens after a neighborhood complaint was reported Stack of electric bikes in a yard.

These vehicles have multiplied in the city through home delivery services.

“During the inspection, the units discovered dangerous living conditions in around 40 beds on the ground floor and basement,” firefighters told reporters.

“The commercial spaces on the first floor of the building and in the basement were illegally converted into bedrooms, with 14 bunk beds and 13 beds crammed onto the two floors,” the city’s building inspectorate added.

New York is suffering from a recurring housing crisis and rising cost of living, exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic and inflation. In addition, New York has for months been confronted with the emergency of receiving tens of thousands of asylum seekers entering the United States across the border with Mexico.

The city of 8.5 million has adapted hotels and built facilities to accommodate more than 160,000 immigrants from spring 202268,000 of whom were still staying in the city in January.

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Also The rules have been tightened, by moving to a reception that is now limited to 30 days for single adults and 60 days for families. After this deadline, migrants must resubmit their application.

“What we discovered last night is also a symptom of a broader housing shortage crisis that we have talked about many times,” Maria Torres-Springer, New York City’s deputy mayor for housing, told the media.

With information from AFP.


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