Home Sports Feyenoord puts a price on its star, Orkun Kokçu

Feyenoord puts a price on its star, Orkun Kokçu

Feyenoord puts a price on its star, Orkun Kokçu

The young Turkish midfielder, Orkun Kökçü22, is being the subject of interest from several English clubs, which has led to feyenoord to make the difficult decision to let him go in the next summer market. This measure is due to the club’s need to balance its economic balances. According to account ‘Algemeen Dagblad‘, the value of Kökçü’s pass is estimated at 35 million euros.

Kökçü has been an outstanding player at Feyenoord, showing technical ability, vision of the game and goalscoring ability. His departure will represent a challenge for the club, which will have to find a replacement to match him. However, Feyenoord have experience in training young talents and are expected to find a suitable solution.

For the player, this transfer could mark the beginning of a new stage in his career, as he will have the opportunity to demonstrate his talent in a high-level league and in an even more competitive arena. His future is full of exciting possibilities and challenges.

The Premier League presses for him

Orkun Kökçü will leave Feyenoord in the next summer market due to interest from English clubs and the club’s need to balance its finances. His departure represents a challenge for Feyenoord, but also brings new opportunities for both the player and the club. Kökçü’s talent and potential make him a player to watch in his exciting football career.

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