Fernando Llorente’s agent returns to give Real Zaragoza the rattle

In recent weeks the striker has offered himself to the team

The race of Fernando llorente going downhill with no brakes since it last rang for the Athletic. ended up in the Udinese, with a very discreet season. From there to SD Eibar, where he did not play much. And he has finally run out of equipment. Now, in desperation, his agent has offered the Royal Saragossa.

Not only Fernando llorente. The Royal Saragossa has received several proposals, from proven players who are free. However, for various reasons, for the moment they have not found a club to defend this season. That’s why your agents are offering them to various teamsespecially from the SmartBank League.

Zaragoza offers
Bruno González, on Real Zaragoza’s radar

Real Zaragoza thinks about the offers

Throughout the summer, clubs receive a large number of players offered by their agents. However, the vast majority of these offers are rejected, as they are players who are out of price or who do not fit what the club is looking for. But this time the situation is very different.

The three footballers who have been offered to Real Zaragoza do fit in with what Real Zaragoza is looking for this season, as they consider that they could raise the ground for the team. Even more so considering that the season has started with just one victory in the first five league games.

They offer Fernando Llorente to Real Zaragoza

The first of the players that has been offered to the Aragonese team is Fernando Llorente, who after finishing last season at SD Eibar finds himself without a team. It is not the first time that he has been related to Real Zaragoza, since the club thought of the veteran striker to cover Azón’s loss.

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Two highly contrasted players in Spanish football have also been offered to the club, such as Bruno González and Ximo Navarro, but for the moment these offers have been rejected. However, they are players who fit in with what the club is looking for. In this way they could be interesting options if the team’s situation does not improve in the coming weeks, which will be key for the club.

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