Fernando Gaviria: “Movistar is like a family”

Fernando Gaviria:

“A motivating challenge.” It’s the new feeling of a Fernando Gaviria (La Ceja, 28 years old) who landed in the ranks of the Movistar as a star signing for 2023. After the last two difficult years where good results eluded him, the Colombian attends AS with renewed hopes before facing his debut with the telephone group in the Return to San Juan. His main objective, more than clear: “Do a very good Giro and add ten victories this year.”

How was the preseason?

-Well, quite intense since we started in November with light training. Then we had a quite productive concentration in Alicante because we did a good job. Later at home I continued that cycle. I ended up very happy with the preseason.

-How was your first contact with Movistar? What stands out the most about the team?

-The first contact was very good because I already knew some runners and the reception was very pleasant. What struck me the most was that the team is a family. I have come to a family and they have welcomed me very well from day one. That is something that makes me happy and more enthusiastic to give a little more of myself.

-How are you arriving in San Juan?

-The sensations are good. We will try to get some victory here, although we know that there are strong riders like Jakobsen, Bennett, Viviani, Nizzolo, Sagan… I feel confident because I did a good preparation, training judiciously, just enough, so I think we will do well.

-With an ideal route for sprinters, do you think your first victory with Movistar can come here?

-Let’s hope so. It is a race that I like, that has given me victories and that has given me the feeling of being at a good level. Here we are in an exam and we are going to see where we are.

-In recent seasons, things have not turned out at the level of results. Is Movistar the place where you can shine again?

-The perfect change you never know. If not, you would always go in the right direction. It is a change that makes me very happy. I got to where I had to be, where they make me excited again and these last two months I have really enjoyed riding the bike with the team. All this motivates me a lot.

-In the past you used to have great pitchers in other teams, but Movistar doesn’t have them. How do you plan to manage it?

-We have analyzed this role, but it is something that we cannot change now. The team was very strong and I think there are no places for a new rider. The most important thing is the sprint approach, because there are already too many trains. There are always two or three and the rest of the sprinters go behind them. It will be like this, we will wait for the trains because we have runners for the approach. We have riders for all kinds of situations and the only thing missing is the launch experience itself. We will see how it goes to improve it.

-With the withdrawal of Valverde, you arrive as the great signing of the team for 2023. Does that mean pressure due to the responsibility of adding victories?

-No, it is a very motivating challenge, because it is a risk for both parties, both for Movistar and for me. By doing things well and working hand in hand, we are all aware that things must be discussed and that issues can be resolved for the benefit of both parties. All the pressure of the team falls on Enric Mas. He is very strong and this year he would have, and we hope, he will take the step of quality that he lacks to win a big one. We know he has it.

-You were self-critical in the past for the lack of results. Did you also understand Matxín’s words about his work ethic?

-About your opinion, you are partly right. The issue is that not many times it is known why things happen and they are not interested in knowing the explanation. I have a good relationship with Matxín, he is a good director and I am very grateful to the entire UAE, it is an excellent team. But in cycling, sometimes you need fresh air and now I want to do my best for these colours.

“Movistar is a motivating challenge, but all the pressure falls on Enric Mas”

Fernando Gaviria

-What will be your objectives and main schedule?

-In this first part of the season I will do the classics and then the Giro. Doing the Giro very well would be very important for us, above all, getting a victory.

-What would be a good season for you?

-Get to December with ten victories. With less, the season would be good, but the duty fulfilled would be to reach ten.

-Despite signing for one season, do you understand that your relationship with Movistar would be long-term?

-Yes. We have discussed it many times with Eusebio and it is something that is determined by both parties. If this works, it is something that we will continue to take as far as we can. It may be just a year now, but we will surely change it in the future.


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