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Fernando Alonso’s hidden talks to sign for Red Bull

One of the big surprises gave them Fernando Alonso after showing great talent and similarly getting Horner, the team leader, to speak up saying it looked like he was driving to Red Bull. This after the strong defense of the Asturian pilot against Hamilton in Hungary.

And is that after signing the KO of Dutch, Was Fernando Alonso who faced a seven-times champion who ended up unbalanced by the Asturian defense in the fight for the podium. However, not everything ends here and things started to take another turn with the pilots.

The graph gave Lewis the victory by 12 seconds, which would have translated into another 25 points for the British scorer, and yet the alpine pilot’s hands managed to neutralize all that advantage and leave him without a victory that fell to the side of the another pilot, Esteban Ocon.

There is no doubt that Alonso not only displayed talent but also protected the Alpine team’s first victory. The Asturian did a teamwork without express orders, but was also awarded the recognition of ‘Pilot of the Day’ as a result of a strong defense that served as a relief for more than one.

While the Dutchman “struggled to score a point that could be crucial at the end of the year”, as Horner acknowledged after the race in Hungary, the Red Bull boss did not forget to highlight Alonso’s performance on the asphalt: “Fernando also looked. as if he were driving for Red Bull.

Although they managed to minimize damage after the last test before the holidays, the remaining 12 races will not be easy for Verstappen, as the Asturian had already warned them before arriving at the Hungarian event: “He is the young driver fighting the legend. And he’s not English, it will always be more difficult for him”.

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