Home Sports Fernando Alonso transfers the pressure to Hamilton before the decisive Monaco GP

Fernando Alonso transfers the pressure to Hamilton before the decisive Monaco GP

The Spanish driver did not hesitate to speak when asked about the successes of the British with Mercedes

Fernando Alonso The season has started with great success and with this, he feels in the ability to talk about the progress of other teammates, and that’s how he talked about Lewis Hamilton. However, it should be remembered that the Asturian signed for Aston Martin, a move that at first generated a lot of skepticism.

And now, as the great revelation of the season, being the leader of the classification without taking into account the 2 Red Bulls, Fernando Alonso is in a cloud. What allows him to influence his way of being, as he has once again demonstrated in an interview, in which he has praised Lewis Hamilton.

Fernando Alonso Hamilton
The man from Oviedo has referred to the Mercedes driver

Fernando Alonso dared to say until now what nobody wanted from Hamilton

I have a lot of respect for him“. He has started affirming Fernando Alonso when asked by Lewis Hamilton. “This year we fight closer both and with similar cars, especially in this part of the year. In Australia, we were in two seconds throughout the race and it was a very tight fight”, added the Spaniard.

However, Alonso launched a controversy by stating that Lewis Hamilton, winner of 7 Formula 1 World Cups, has been lucky in his successes. “I still think he is one of the best drivers in the sport. But at the same time, he has been lucky to have the most dominant car for many years.”

In addition, the seven-time world champion is in the news for his possible arrival at Ferrari

“When you have a competitive car for so many years, Michael Schumacher won seven titles, Lewis Hamilton another seven. Max Verstappen will win his third if he can this year and who knows how many more. I have won two and in Formula 1 you always need to have the best car to win the championship.”Alonso said.

It should be remembered that Lewis Hamilton is also in the news due to the increasing comments about his future, which seems to be getting closer to Ferrari. In England, the media assure that the Italian team wants to take advantage of the fact that Hamilton’s contract ends to sign himwhich would leave Carlos Sainz without a seat.

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