Fernando Alonso as a fury against the Red Bull of Checo Pérez: sparks fly in Monaco

The Mexican pilot remained in the middle of the track when the Spaniard was on a fast lap

Fernando Alonso knows that the Monaco Grand Prix is ​​one of his great opportunities to get his long-awaited 33rd victory, but this time Checo Pérez gave the Asturian pilot a bad moment. A situation that generated a lot of controversy among followers of Formula 1 and fans of both drivers.

And it is that Fernando Alonso is in a great season but The Red Bulls alongside Checo Pérez are not making it easy for him to be the best in the classification again. During the first free practice this Friday, the Mexican has caused tremendous discomfort in Alonso.

Fernando Alonso Czech Pérez
Alonso was surpassed by Checo

The layout of Monaco left Fernando Alonso with a lot of discomfort against Checo Pérez

The Mexican remained in the middle of the track when the Aston Martin man was on a fast lap. That meant that Fernando could not march as he wanted. Faced with this setback, the Spanish driver, Fernando Alonso, as usual for him, he was upset over the radio.

The Spanish driver did not understand what his rival was doing there and, quite annoyed, he let his teammates from the Aston Martin team know. “What these guys are amazing“, began by saying Fernando Alonso. “You have done the best you could”, his teammates replied from the team.

Victory 33 is one of the biggest objectives that the Oviedo player now has

However, he was not calmed by this message and continued with his comments in front of all his colleagues. “I don’t mind. In my slow laps I will be in the middle of the lines”, ended by saying Fernando Alonso, who finally he was second in that first session with a mark of 1:13.712.

It should be remembered that Alonso arrives with great enthusiasm for this appointment in Monte Carlo, having scored four podium finishes in the first five races of the season and is eager to continue to deliver strong results with Aston Martin. The Monegasque layout is one of the ones that motivates him the most to achieve his objectives.

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