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Federal Campaign for a Sport Free from Discrimination

Federal Campaign for a Sport Free from Discrimination

Victoria Donda, head of the National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism (Inadi), when presenting the Federal Campaign for a Sport Free of Discrimination and Violence, stated that “sport teaches, but unfortunately it also reproduces stereotypes.”

In a ceremony held in Parque La Estación, in the city of Avellaneda, Donda stated that “from INADI it is stated that discrimination is a form of violence present in all social structures. That is why we have to work for a society without it. “.

“When we talk about rights, we are talking about the distribution of wealth, about investing in these policies that aim to equalize opportunities for the three main discriminated populations, due to poverty, gender or racism. They are those people, who are majorities and not minorities. as they say, those excluded from sport, “added the official.

Donda was accompanied by the Secretary of Sports of the Nation, Inés Arrondo, the mayor of Avellaneda, Alejo Chornobroff, and the chief of Cabinet of the commune and the first candidate for councilor for the Frente de Todos, Magdalena Sierra.

Arrondo said that “sport has an educational power without equal. It puts us in the exercise of our emotions and that is where we build ourselves as people. That is why it is so important that this construction occurs in a sport free of discrimination and violence. “.

While Sierra recalled that she is a contemporary of Donda’s militancy in the Popular Youth of Avellaneda, and asked for a sport that “is not biased, nor should it be divided into genders and classes.”

“That there are no second-rate girls and boys, and first-rate girls and boys,” claimed Sierra, who added that since the administration of Jorge Ferraresi -current Minister of Territorial Development and Habitat of the Nation and former mayor of Avellaneda-, ” has a policy of inclusion in clubs and sports centers. We want tolerance to be respected and practiced “.

While the coordinator of the Observatory against Discrimination of INADI, Karina Iummato, explained to Télam that “neighborhood clubs are key in training and social education to eradicate discrimination and violence.”

The officials explained that from now on they will make trips to all the provinces to meet with the most important clubs in each district but also the neighborhoods, in order to engage them in education against discrimination and racist violence.

For her part, the director of Policies against Discrimination, Ornella Infante indicated that the campaign also includes members of the LGBTQ community and people with different capacities, who “find it almost impossible to practice sports because they encounter a thousand obstacles.”


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