Fear of death due to Corona: Woman and child rescued from flat after 3 years

In the Indian city of Gurugram, the police rescued a woman who was in fear of death due to Corona from her flat with her child, who had been locked in her house for 3 years.

According to Indian media, a police officer said that 33-year-old Mun Mun Majhi had locked herself in the flat with her 7-year-old son 3 years ago because the woman was afraid that her son would get corona virus as soon as he left the house. will die of the cause.

According to the report, about a week ago, a man named Sujan Majhi came to the Gurugram police and told that his wife has locked herself and her son in the house for 3 years due to fear of corona virus.

According to the Indian media, Sujan Majhi told the police that he went to his office after the restrictions imposed due to the corona virus in India ended and after that his wife did not allow him to enter the house.

According to Sujan Majhi, since he became homeless, he has been paying flat rent, gas and electricity bills and also keeps household items at the door.

The Gurugram police officer who convinced the woman to leave the house says that he did not believe Sujan Majhi’s story at first, but when Mun Mun Majhi was telephoned, he found that both the woman and the child were safe in the flat. are from The police officer told the media that the woman made a video call to him and I got emotional when I saw the child, whose hair had grown to shoulder length. According to the report, the child with the woman is now 10 years old and in the last 3 years he has not met any other person except his mother and he has been drawing pencil pictures and cartoons on the walls of the house to erase the feeling of loneliness. Is. A police officer posted in Gurugram said that the woman was in fear due to the corona virus, when she was spoken to, she said that she will not let her son go out of the house because as soon as he goes out, he will die immediately. will The police officer says that when the woman was called, she came to the police station alone, who was persuaded to go to the doctor. When the woman went to the doctor, the police went to her house and took the child away from there. According to the police, there was a pile of garbage in the woman’s house because she had not thrown the garbage out of the house for 3 years.

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