FC Barcelona sees a deal in the sale of Chadi Riad

The alarms in Heliópolis have been activated with the announcement of the Barça team to increase its defender for the next summer market

Although defender Chadi Riad plays on loan at FC Barcelona, ​​the player is bought by Ángel Haro. There is a non-binding purchase option in the contract between the two teams, which the Green-Whites want to make use of. The reason is more than obvious, the defender is performing at his best.

What Chadi Riad contributed to Betis’ defense can be justified with numbers and numbers. At the start of the season, when he wore the green and white jersey, his base price was 500,000 euros. With 10 days remaining until the end of the 2023/24 academic year, the market value is estimated at 6 million euros.

EGD Barcelona
Betis will pay 3 million euros to keep the defender, but Barcelona will buy him back for 7 kilos. (c) Photo: GOL digital.

Chadi Riad is bought back by FC Barcelona

The proposed equation in the Barcelona team It is very simple but requires money to be effective. What will happen is that the Betico team will effectively pay the €3 million to keep the excellent defender. However, there is a clause in his contract which allows the Catalan team to buy back the footballereven if Ángel Haro or Manu Fajardo don’t want that.

On this occasion, Barça will have to pay 7 kilos for the effectiveness of the clause and will therefore again own 100% of the sports rights.. Ultimately, Betis will get the 3 million euros back, but will receive 4 for getting the best out of the Spanish-Moroccan defender. However, this gain will be very small compared to the loss of the talented defender.

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If Chadi Riad doesn’t suit FC Barcelona, ​​he will be loaned out or sold to the Premier

There is a possibility that the central defender will not adapt to the tactical scheme of the Barça team, regardless of which coach he is under. If it happened before, it can happen again, so Deco already has a plan in case it happens again. The poster created by the defender this season while defending the colors of the Sevillian club has increased in leagues such as the Premier.

Barcelona knows that they can perfectly sell Chadi Riad for more than 15 million euros, thus recovering the 7 kilos and generating additional income. But above all, in the culé company they want the player to play the 2024-25 season at the Camp Nou. This will be determined by the responsible coach during pre-season preparation.

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