FC Barcelona cannot meet Betis because of Chadi Riad

FC Barcelona wants to sell Riyadh to England and take it away from Real Betis

He Real Betis take that into account Chadi Riyadh He can be a player who builds the future of Verdiblanco. The Moroccan left good feelings for the Green-Whites in various games. It has also become indispensable for Pellegrini Pezzella and the Chilean coach thinks he is important for next year. However, The Heliópolis club’s plans could be affected by FC Barcelona’s change of decision.

And the Catalan club wants to give him away and not get rid of the player. Although he won’t have it in the near future, it could be a deal for FC Barcelona. Real Betis wants to acquire him as property, but not yet. On the other hand, Riyadh can play in England next year. The Blaugrana club wants him to prevail Premier League.

Riad Real Betis
Riyadh could be a bad deal for Real Betis

Arsenal and Aston Villa can snatch Riyadh away from Real Betis and FC Barcelona agrees

The fact is that the Moroccan player is of great interest to two English teams. Due to its properties it would fit very well in both sets. Riad is a solid central defender with good ball handling and confident crosses. Real Betis believe he can be the central defender of the future. FC Barcelona wants me to go to a global showcase. In this he plays in the Champions League and starts in a top-class defense.

Both Emery and Arteta have a good chance of playing in the Champions League next year. A central defender like the Moroccan would fit in very well at both clubs. In the case of Arsenal FC The chances of competing in the top competition next year are almost certain. Still, we would have to see the player’s performance in the team. The Blaugrana club doesn’t want to let him go, so he doesn’t play. He wants me to take responsibility.

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A problem for Pellegrini

The person most affected by this whole situation is the coach of the green and white club. The defensive line has been a constant headache for Pellegrini for a long time. The coach wants his players not to move. Especially those you trust the most. Therefore, this decision would further weaken the defense.

The club’s economy is also going through difficult times. Therefore, it is difficult to say to what extent the Heliópolis team can force the situation to acquire the services of Riyadh for another season. The situation looks very bad for the green and white team. Because if they fail to form a competitive team, Pellegrini will be in great danger. The engineer was the main architect of the club’s successful years.

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