Fatal oversight by Florentino Pérez reaches Real Madrid’s target killer against alternate rival

Although the white president has been very close to this player’s environment and knows his situation in Serie A firsthand, another LaLiga Santander team will reach him first and will later sign him.

Florentino Pérez and Real Madrid have made a major mistake regarding the signing of one of the best strikers of the moment. We are talking about the Serbian Dusan Vlahovic, who is more than ready to leave Juventus in Turin and join another adventure like LaLiga Santander. However, he will no longer be with the meringue setand will stand up the white president.

According to true information that arrived in Chamartín, the Balkan attacker will reach one of Real Madrid’s eternal rivals, which is not FC Barcelona. That’s right, he will arrive at Atlético, where Simeone is his greatest interest. And it is that before he signed for the Vecchia Signora, the rojiblanco team obtained the player’s yes, but something went wrong in the negotiations.

  Florentine Perez Real Madrid
Dusan Vlahovic is willing to leave Juventus, but his destination will no longer be Real Madrid, at least not for now.

Apparently Vlahovic has already given Atlético the go-ahead, while Real Madrid and Florentino Pérez were still waiting

It is true that the Madridista team needs a leading number 9 striker, since Karim Benzema is definitely on the brink of leaving at the Santiago Bernabéu. The most recent elimination in the Champions League exposed several errors in Ancelotti’s tactical approach, and the attack was one of them.

Vlahovic is one of the candidates that has sounded the loudest in the merengue environment, but its president had not yet contacted the agent of the former Florentina. The reason is that the white manager was evaluating other more striking options such as Harry Kane, or that of Erling Haaland himself.. For this reason, the Serbian would have gotten tired of waiting, and would have taken the first step to reach the mattress squad.

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Real Madrid does not give up and Florentino Pérez resumes the operation

Since nothing has been signed, the option for the Serbian striker to reconsider the interest that the Madridista club has in him could be resumed. This means that the white president can contact the player again, and this time start negotiating fully. Dusan Vlahovic is an elite striker, and his young age also guarantees a long-term project.

The problem is that the rojiblanco box will not be the only objective to defeat on the desk. And it is that according to various important media in Italy, the 23-year-old striker has two more suitors. “All the teams have an important profile, because they are Chelsea, Bayern Munich and Atlético de Madrid” said a newspaper from the transalpine country.

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