Fashion: biodegradable clothing to pollute less

What if clothes were no longer made of synthetic fibres, but only of biodegradable materials? Coats made from mushrooms, or dresses made from spider webs. These new generation textiles are even making a place for themselves on the catwalks of fashion shows, and seduce the biggest brands, such as Stella McCartney.

Mycelium, material of the future

Direction Silicon Valley, California (USA). At MycoWorks, we manufacture mycelium, the material of the future. “It’s like the root of the mushroom. It’s a very interesting material, because it’s structured, it holds together”, explains Matt Scullin, the CEO of the company. It grows in a room with a constant temperature, under red lights. The root only needs wood chips to multiply. In the end, the product looks like leather. After having conquered the luxury market, the brand now wants to reach the major fashion brands.

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