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Farewell to ‘The Queen’

Farewell to 'The Queen'

The Queen says goodbye to boxing. Miriam Gutiérrez (40 years old) retires in front of her people in the dispute for the Spanish Super Welterweight Championship with Patricia Martín (1-0-0, 0 KO) today at the Casino Gran Madrid in Torrelodones. She has been the European lightweight champion, the WBA Gold champion, and the division’s WBA Interim Champion belt. She marked her story by getting into the ring with two of the best boxers in the world: katie taylor (22-0-0, 6 KOs) and Amanda Serrano (44-2-1, 30 KOs). A boxing legend in our country.

The Queen will say goodbye with a belt at stake, the only one missing. “I face it with a lot of involvement, enthusiasm and desire, because it is my last fight and there will be many people who have been following me for a long time throughout my sporting career. I think it has to end now because I have to let future promises and people who are stomping keep moving forward”, he tells AS Miriam. She will face today Patricia Martín for the Spanish Super Welterweight Championship. “It’s a crack. She is a girl I admit to, because I have known her for many years. I know the projection that she has of her, I know that she is a great fighter and that she is going to go for everything ”, compliments her opponent from Madrid. In this same event, Brian Peláez (13-6-0, 3 KO) will make the first defense of his lightweight Spanish Championship against the undefeated Anthony Collado (10-0-0, 1 KO).

Miriam Gutiérrez will hang up her gloves in the same venue where she made her debut, the Casino Gran Madrid in Torrelodones. “In elite sport it is quite complicated, especially with fights that you have, not monthly, but you do have to have a recovery time, a training time, a preparation time…”, he explains The Queen. At 40, she has decided that it is time to say goodbye after a successful career, both professional and amateur. She was a member of the national team and was proclaimed seven times amateur Spanish champion. “I had to do the European qualifying for the Olympics and get into 70 kilos with a giant. It was incredible how big she was and she hit very hard, ”recalls the Spanish about her Olympic stage.

In March 2018, she was proclaimed lightweight European champion in this same venue, important in the Madrid career, where she has won all her titles. He defeated Sam by unanimous decision S.J. Smith (9-3-1, 4 KO) and, little more than a year later, he crowned the Casino Gran Madrid again by winning the WBA Gold of the division by defeating by TKO in the tenth round the Hungarian Bianka Majlath (3-8-0, 3 KOs). She became world champion. In November 2019, she was proclaimed interim WBA World Champion when she defeated Venezuelan Keren Batiz (7-5-1, 2 KO) by unanimous decision.

Not only did she win all of these titles, Miriam Gutiérrez has fought two of the best female boxers in the world: Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano. The first to knock on her door was the Irish woman. The Queen he faced Taylor in November 2020 at Wembley, London, for his undisputed lightweight title. He could not with the champion, and fell by unanimous decision. “I was quite shocked and I did not know how to manage emotions well and the truth is that I was repaired,” says the Spaniard.

The defeat did not discourage her, since Amanda Serrano, another of the greatest boxers, called her to get into the ring with her. This time there was no title at stake, but the fight was very big. “I started to dance and there was already a pique,” says Gutiérrez. The Spaniard lost the fight in Tampa, United States by unanimous decision. “I started telling him: ‘If you hit like that, you’re not going to finish anytime soon.’ I tried to speak to be able to breathe, but they are things that I am going to keep for the remains”, he recalls. The Spaniard is very proud of not having been knocked out in either of these two historic fights. “And that they didn’t throw me, that for me is the biggest challenge,” she says.

Miriam Gutiérrez’s life has not been limited only to boxing. “She worked since I started boxing and later too, not just in one place, nor in two, many times in three by situation. She combined it because it was something she needed ”, she says The Queen. She is also a mother, she has an 18-year-old girl and a 10-year-old boy. She spoke openly that suffered gender violence when she was pregnant with her daughter and her coach, jero garciahelped him get through that difficult situation.

She got involved in helping women with similar cases, and Ignacio Vázquez, mayor of Torrejón de Ardoz, offered her lead the Department of Women. “He knew a certain history of mine, both sporting and personal, he knew perfectly how I was with each person, especially, in this aspect, with the citizens of Torrejón. When he proposed it to me, it is true that I doubted, because I did not know what that type of situation was like. But the truth is that later, being there, knowing and facing each situation that was requested or estimated, those circumstances of each one of the women and above all being with a great team within my Department… It fills me a lot, especially when you do so much good to certain citizens”, says the Spanish. This project is one of the reasons why Miriam has decided to hang up her gloves, so that she can dedicate more time to helping others. “I am a person who really likes to get involved in every situation that is offered to me, so I want to give 100%. Above all, in the Department of Women, which requires me a lot of time and also being with them a lot to be able to improve each situation they have ”, he assures.

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