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Farewell to the Lavrinovic twins

Adiós de los gemelos Lavrinovic

The Lavrinovic twins, Darius and Ksistof, have simultaneously announced their retirement from professional basketball. They had been in their native Lithuania for two years, with BC Vytis and now, at 42, they have decided to put an end to their illustrious careers together. Darius, 2.12 and Ksistof, 2.10, have been two centers of extraordinary longevity, since they started, also together, in the Lithuanian Alita, in 1996.

The twins will play their last game on June 18, in Vilnius, their hometown. It will be a friendly in which Other historical figures of a great generation for Lithuanian basketball will be present: Rimantas Kaukenas, Ramunas Siskauskas, Linas Kleiza…We will not be sad. We’ve had enough, it’s going to be a celebration. We want it to be a party not for us, but for all Lithuanian basketball fans. Hopefully this act will become a tradition for when other players retire”, assure the Lavrinovic brothers in their press release.

They started their careers together and have finished them together. Six years in which they have shared a dressing room in Lietkabelis (2016-18), Prienai (2018-19), London City Royals (2019-20) and, finally, Vytis. In their first stage together, they trained at Alita between 1996 and 2002, when Ksistof left for Ural Great Perm. A year later, Darius signed with Zalgiris. The former lived his best years in Siena (207-12), where he entered the Euroleague Second Best Team twice and played the Final Four twice. He also played, among other teams, at Valencia Basket, with which he won the Eurocup in 2014.

Darius, for his part, also entered the Euroleague Second Best Team, in 2006 and as a Zalgiris player. After his time in his country he played for UNICS, Dinamo Moscow, Fenerbahçe, CSKA… and Real Madrid, where he spent a season (2009-10). He was the suffered project by Ettore Messina, when the white team could not get off the ground before the arrival of Pablo Laso. Lavrinovic went from more to less, he began with illusions and ended with a very discreet level. He averaged more than 11 points and 4 rebounds in the Euroleague and left for Turkey a year later.

The Lavrinovics were also fixtures on a great Lithuania team, the one that won the bronze in the 2007 Eurobasket and the silver in 2013. But only one had a gold: Ksistof, who was already in the champion team in 2003: 93-84 in a tremendous match against Spain. It was the Lithuania of the Macijauskas, Siskauskas, Songaila, Stombergas… and the Spain of Gasol, Navarro, Calderón, Garbajosa, Reyes…

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