Facundo Cambeses put the show in Talleres 0, Banfield 1

Although there was a stage in the Mario Alberto Kempes stadium, Talleres and Banfield did not offer what could be defined as a show. Of course, the structure that was next to the field corresponded to the one that Joaquín Sabina did build the night before and that the organizers did not manage to disarm before the game. Unusual.

Question that in a day where the referee Darío Herrera and the VAR did not go unnoticed, Banfield gave the surprise and won 1-0 to increase its weak average and, incidentally, move away a bit from the bottom of the table. This was the second win in a row for Javier Sanguinetti’s team, which had just defeated Boca by the same result at the Florencio Sola and put an end to the six-game streak without joy with which the year began.

For its part, Talleres added its third winless appearance (one draw, two losses) and lost the chance to catch up with San Lorenzo momentarily in the standings. Gandolfi’s men have been having a hard time at home and have added their third defeat so far in 2023 in that condition.

The story was defined in the second half when the referee went to the VAR and retracted what he had first pointed out as attacker Milton Giménez’s iron on defender Juan Portillo. After reviewing the play, he detected that Gimenéz got to the ball before his rival, who ended up hitting him with his unsuccessful rejection. The Uruguayan Brahian Alemán broke the goal of the other Herrera, Guido, goalkeeper from Talleres, and Banfield went to the front.

What followed was the Drill lighting almost all its candles to its one, Facundo Cambeses, the great figure of the party. Of course, I also keep some for the VAR, like when Maciel put an elbow into the area that only the people of Cordoba noticed. Definitely, it was not the night of the T, that the next date visits nothing less than the Institute.

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