Eylul Yasar, AFP journalist detained in Istanbul, released

Eylul Yasara journalist from the AFP video service, prepared the recording Norouz celebrations When she was arrested at a checkpoint, other reporters present reported.

According to her and other witnesses Yasar refused a strip search which she considered “too forceful” and was taken away in a police car.

Then go Reporters Without Borders (RSF) had called for his “immediate release”.

“We know that 14 people who were detained have been released,” he confirmed to AFP. Emine Ozhasar, Lawyer for the MLSA association, which brings together lawyers committed to human rights and media.

Many people have been arrested but we don’t know the total number,” he added.

Eylul Yasar She said she was “handcuffed” in the police car. According to her, the arrest was made “very quickly” after she protested against a “brutal and excessively persistent” search.

She was held along with ten women and three men. “The police “He insulted us and we were treated like pigshit, terrorists and traitors,” he said.

In addition to sexist comments, they told us that we were lucky not to be burned alive and turned into soap like the Jews,” she added, alluding to the Nazi death camps of World War II.

The address of Agence France Presse regretted these events on Sunday evening, noting that “she regrets the arrest of our journalist Eylul Yasar, who was only doing her job.” In welcoming her release, AFP calls on the Turkish authorities to respect the rights of journalists and to support them to be treated with respect.” .

The Kurds, who make up around a fifth of the 85 million inhabitants Türkiyeare often victims of discrimination.


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