Explanation of Saudi officials regarding expired passport

Explanation of Saudi officials regarding expired passport

Riyadh: Saudi officials have clarified that foreign workers must renew their passports before leaving the country if they are expiring.

According to the Saudi website, the main computer of the Saudi Passport and Immigration Department contains complete data of foreign workers in which the residence number of the worker and all the details of their passport and other information are stored.

Regarding the renewal of the passport, a person discovered that the passport had expired during the holiday. Can a person come to the country on a new passport?

In this regard, the licenses said that for foreigners who go on holiday to their home country, the minimum validity of the passport is 6 months.

In case the passport of the person leaving the country has expired, the affected person will have to provide clear proof that the passport has been lost, for which the police report of his area which is certified by the immigration agency must also be submitted. Have to do

Individuals whose passports expire while living abroad should provide proof to the Immigration Department upon arrival in the country that their passport has been lost and they have arrived in the country on a new passport.

Individuals who come to the country on a replacement (duplicate) passport should make an appointment with any licensing office upon arrival in Saudi Arabia. Later, through your sponsor, get the new passport registered in the licensing system which is called duplicate information in Arabic.

The sponsor can also enter the new passport through their resident system. However, in case the matter is not uploaded in the system, get a photocopy of the message coming from the license on Abshar’s service connection and contact the licensing office. ۔

Keep in mind that for copy of passport information, it is necessary to submit photocopy of new and old passport and copy of residence while original passport will also be shown to the licensing officer.

In case of loss of old passport, proof of entry at the airport will be presented to the licenses. Legal matters have become much easier due to the secure computerized data of all persons in the country.