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Exhaust the last rays of ‘summer’ with the most elegant garments for halftime

Exhaust the last rays of ‘summer’ with the most elegant garments for halftime

The arrival of autumn It has been as imminent as when in May we expected summer, but in the end these times mark a date because the temperatures during the day they are still high, which allows us to enjoy the days like in summer.

Although the truth is that very soon we will have to stop fooling ourselves, we still have time to squeeze the last rays of the sun with the best clothes halftime.

Many are the influencers who mark their clothing style with brands and firms that their followers fall in love with and immediately promote what we colloquially know as ‘trends’.

Therefore, we have chosen five perfect looks that will get us out of the way in these halftime days in which we can wear a dress or blouse summer during the day and combine perfectly with a blazer when the day falls … ready?

Typical for a weekend in which we have the best plan with friends or family, we present this dress with a long gingham drop with ruffle at the bottom and little bows on the straps, presented by María Ramón Quiles. Natural, comfortable and elegant, with which you will be the queen of all eyes and above all, you will show off your best figure.

A dress that Clara Fernández is also committed to, but in dark tones, with which we will wear a most Andalusian look, which transports us to those sunsets that are already part of our memory, but that we have more alive than ever.

If, on the other hand, you are more of a combination of blouse / pants or skirt, we present you this asymmetrical blouse with puffed sleeves in bright colors with which Teresa Sanz takes advantage of one of those summer days to go out on the streets and show herself as the most stylish of all.

Similar to the previous one, this asymmetrical blouse with an adjustable strap at the waist in pink squares. A very combinable garment to which we can add a long jeans to make the most of that tan we still have from summer days. Bea Gimeno chose for this garment some shorts with which she was the most casual.

Finally, we present this long linen fall dress with a spectacular color for those sunny days that still remain. Perfect to wear it like María Hernández does and mark the clavicle area, a part of the body that many women highlight with many clothes and that with this dress you will achieve it.

Blouses, dresses … garments that ultimately make us feel comfortable, that give us that elegance that we seek so much when choosing our best look and that make us show our best version. Take advantage of the last days of summer with these saleta garments, a brand that takes care of each of its creations in detail by making them by hand in a small workshop in Madrid … are you going to run out of them?


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