Even toys fail to amuse, the earthquake-affected Syrian girl is on the path of her parents

The girl who was rescued alive from the rubble of the earthquake in Syria is being treated in the hospital, there are toys and balloons in the room for entertainment, but she is waiting for her parents.

The devastation of the terrible earthquake on February 6 continues in Turkey and Syria. Many people have been pulled out alive from the wreckage, but each has its own tragic story. Even in Syria, the earthquake-affected girl “Hina” has been taken out of the rubble and kept in the hospital for treatment. The girl’s heart was full of excitement, so her room was decorated with dolls, balloons, but these toys also failed to entertain her and to cure her pain, and every day she used to ask the hospital administration about her parents and sister. Is.

Hanna asks Rose where her parents and sister are, unaware that the earthquake has taken away all her loved ones and she is now alone in the world.

Hina’s uncle Abdullah told the local media that the girl asks questions about her parents every day and we turn her away by saying that her parents and sister are also undergoing treatment in another ward of the same hospital. We dare not tell him that his parents and sister are no longer in this world.

Remember that the rescue teams pulled out 8-year-old Hina from the collapsed house 33 hours after the earthquake. He belongs to Harim town of Idlib Commissionerate near Turka border.

Doctors say that the girl was brought to the hospital in a critical condition, but now her condition is slightly better, but her hand is still badly injured, which may have to be amputated.

According to the Syrian media, the earthquake that occurred in Syria and Turkey on February 6 has left countless children orphaned and there are hundreds of families in which large portions have been lost and only children are alive.

It should be noted that the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria last week on February 6 has caused widespread destruction in both countries. The death toll has crossed 42 thousand and is continuously increasing. The number of injured is also more than one and a half lakh. Only 10 cities in Turkey and more than 6000 buildings have become a pile of rubble in a few seconds and still a large number of people are buried under the rubble.

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