Eurozapping: record immigration to the United Kingdom in 2022

They are 606,000 to have settled on British territory in 2022, or 118,000 more migrants in one year. “These numbers are too high”, acknowledged Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. THE Conservative government has promised to put an end to the arrival of migrant boats in order to show that it is regaining control of the situation.

The influx of migrants worries Poland

In Poland too, the influx of migrants is worrying. The latter, hidden in forests, are more and more numerous. “This year we have stopped twice as many immigrants at the border with Lithuania than at the same time last year”says the spokesperson for the Polish border guards.

In Turkey, the migration issue is on the front page of the presidential election on Sunday, May 28. The opponent of Recep Tayyip Erdogan has hardened his rhetoric against Syrian refugees. He wants to send them home to entice the popular vote.

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