Eurozapping: France to the aid of Italy, Romanian teachers on strike

Their homes are still under water. Residents of Emilia-Romagna (Italy) are still stranded, a week after catastrophic rainfall that left 14 dead. The Italian government has just released two billion euros. “It is a question of coping with the most urgent. There will then be a phase of reconstruction. For the moment, it is impossible to quantify the extent of the damage”said Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. In a tweet, Emmanuel Macron announced the arrival of 40 soldiers and pumping resources to help the disaster areas.

Environmental activists block Geneva airport

In Romania, teachers begin an indefinite strike. Empty classes and suspended classes in primary, middle and high schools. Since May 22, Romanian teachers have ceased work, after a year of futile discussions to obtain salary increases. A strike supported by the parents of students. Several exams have already had to be postponed but so far the movement has not made any progress.

In Switzerland, climate activists are disrupting air traffic. Attached to planes, they managed to block Geneva airport for an hour to demand an end to private jets. A punch operation carried out by activists from 17 countries, at a time when the largest business aviation show is taking place. According to these activists, private jets produce ten times more greenhouse gas emissions per passenger than commercial flights.

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