It has been several draws that no player has found the winning combination. As a result, the EuroMillions jackpot reached the astronomical sum of 202 million euros this Friday, October 8.

Players have until 8:15 p.m. to register their participation. In fact, the probability of hitting the super jackpot is still slim, either one chance in 140 million, or 139,838,160 to be more precise, according to the statistics of the FDJ.

Those who find all 5 numbers but without any star have a chance in 3,107,515. On the other hand, their gain will be “only” 20,000 euros.

By way of comparison, winning the ultimate jackpot of the other drawing game, the Loto, is more accessible: one chance in 19,068,840 (since its new formula in 2008) according to the FDJ.

EuroMillions don’t just make losers: the probability of finding 2 numbers is much higher, i.e. one in 22, but the gain is smaller: 4 euros. Enough to finance a grid in the next draw if the super jackpot is not won …


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