EU Commission urges strengthening the war economy: “The danger of war is not immediate, but not impossible”

In recent weeks, the most important heads of state and government of the European Union They are experiencing a change in their discourse about the Union’s involvement in the Ukraine war: the commission Today, concerns about Europe’s security vis-à-vis Russia became more concrete that personalities like Emmanuel Macron and Margarita have already mentioned. Faced with a possible escalation of war, the European Union appears to want to respond by drawing up the first European industrial defense strategy. Strengthening the continent’s arms autonomy in view of a possible election victory of Donald Trump in the United States,

“In defense we need to change the paradigm and move into war economy mode,” The Internal Market Commissioner told the press: Thierry Breton, Who turned to the European arms manufacturers: in the Commissioner’s opinion, the industry “She needs to take more risks and gain more visibility with our support.”

“In the current geopolitical context Europe must take more responsibility for its own security, regardless of the outcome of the elections of our allies every four years,” said Breton, referring to the possibility of Donald Trump returning to the White House, which he had already expressed his intention to remove the United States from the conflict between Moscow and Kiev.

Increased investment in defense

In order to achieve this autonomy in defense, Breton declared that the countries of the Union They are all expected to invest 100 billion euros in the next twelve monthswith the commitment Invest 2% of European GDP in defense. As part of this new strategy that the EU wants to push forward, the Commission announced the creation of a law to support ammunition production and a European law for industrial reinforcement of defense, Both are valid until 2025 with the possibility of a further extension.

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The Commission’s intention is to speed up the purchase of weapons, Changing the acquisition process to be similar to that in force in the United States. We want to get out of Brussels that a sudden increase in demand leaves the Union short of weapons: The Commission supports the creation of an equipment catalog and a defense industrial reserve, as well as the preparation of defense infrastructure for any scenario.

The idea of ​​​​creating a joint fund for the acquisition of weapons, similar to the one proposed to purchase vaccines during the pandemic or to acquire natural gas and reduce energy dependence on Russia, is also being expressed.

Prepare for the risks of war

“We must not overestimate the risks of war, but we must prepare for it,” President Ursula von der Leyen stated in the European Parliament, adding: “The danger of war is not immediate, but not impossible.” Breton has stated that it is “not very feasible” to appoint a defense commissioner as it is a “change of the contracts” would require. Ursula von der Leyen explained: “If the question is that of a defense industry commissioner, I think we already have one.”

More support for Ukraine

Von der Leyen also raised the possibility of using frozen funds from Russian businessmen to supply Ukraine. As EFE explains, Ukraine would be treated as a member of the European Union relating to the manufacture and sale of weapons; Von der Leyen, for example, has announced the establishment of an innovation office in Kiev this “will bring Ukraine even closer to Europe.”

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