ETED seeks to promote the participation of women in the electricity sector

With the purpose of continuing to strengthen the participation of women in the electricity sector, promoting a culture of equity and gender equality, the Dominican Electricity Transmission Company (ETED) organized the conference: “Women in energy management: Promoting a sustainable future”, offered by the Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña.

When pronouncing the central words of the act, the deputy president assured that in the companies and institutions of the energy sector the doors are open and that no one will refuse before the ability, commitment and responsibility shown by a professional regardless of whether he is a man or a woman. For this reason, he called on professionals to risk jumping the fence, because wonderful experiences await them on the other side.

Peña expressed that the new challenges of the world, both current and future, need the vision of women, they need that different and disruptive female perspective to achieve inclusive and comprehensive solutions.

“This means a greater participation of women, not only with the helmet, boots and tools, but also at that table where the energy route that will guide the country in the future is being defined and drawn up,” the official said.

For his part, engineer Martín Robles Morillo, general administrator of ETED, stressed that countries are strong if they have strong and transparent institutions, and more so if they have women as essential components for decision-making and the implementation of strategies for achieve goals.

Robles Morillo stressed that “historically women have fulfilled different cultural and social roles, proposing to reach the highest levels and achieving it.”

“The same has happened in the electricity sector, where women have empowered themselves every day, reaching better and higher levels of employability, which has allowed them to be more productive and independent, both socially and economically,” considered the head of the ETED.

He added that the energy sector is on the right track and that ETED will continue to advance and implement public policies and internal measures that allow women to continue contributing to the development of the country.

Robles took advantage of the occasion to congratulate Her Excellency Mrs. Raquel Peña, Vice President of the Republic, for being an example of hard work, impeccable morality, solidarity and for being a key player in the growth of our nation, from each function that is assigned to her. has designated, strengthening the confidence of His Excellency President Luis Abinader and that of an entire country.

ETED is the first company in the electricity sector to organize a conference aimed at women offered by the vice president of the Dominican Republic, who is also president of the country’s Electrical Cabinet.

The activity had the participation of more than 300 women that make up the institution, who were honored and recognized for building themselves every day, assuming their commitments and taking firm steps to strengthen a free and democratic country.

In addition, the directors and members of the board of directors of ETED attended, along with other special guests from the public and private sectors.

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