Environment: companies practice greenwashing

The ecological transition is very often taken up as a selling point by companies. This pushes the repression of fraud to carry out checks on what is called greenwashing. Igreenwashing includes all environmental claims deemed misleading for the consumer.r”says David Boeri. The last two years, 1 100 controls have been accomplisheds”continues the journalist. In one out of four cases, anomalies were detected.

Commercial arguments not compatible with ecological criteria

The most frequent frauds relate to commercial arguments which do not meet specific ecological criterias. This is the case of tableware, presented as eco-responsible because it is made of wood, but made in Asia, and therefore imported.The overall environmental benefit is therefore not justified., underlines the journalist on the set of 19/20. Some brands will not even comply with the regulations. But gglobally, the vast majority of pinned products were quickly put back in conformit”concludes David Boeri.

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