Home Business Entrepreneurs value agility, modernization and openness in Customs

Entrepreneurs value agility, modernization and openness in Customs

Entrepreneurs value agility, modernization and openness in Customs

Entrepreneurs and representatives of Business associations valued the results of the different programs that the General Directorate of Customs (DGA) has implementedsuch as Dispatch in 24 Hours, and the certification of more Authorized Economic Operators (OEA) companies, including SMEs through the simplified statute.

Alexander Schad, general manager of the logistics company Frederic Schad, and president of the Trade Facilitation Committee (CFC) of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmchamDR), highlighted the leadership of the general director of Customs, Eduardo Sanz Lovatón, in relation to the customs and logistics matters involving the Public and Private Sectors.

“What has been different is the Customs leadership in coordinating all these customs entities so that they work and have the same visionand that is thanks to Eduardo’s leadership is that he has achieved that and the vision we have together to turn this country into a world-class logistics hub”, Schad valued.

Manuel Estrella, founder and president of Grupo Estrella highlighted the benefits that the country and the Dominican business community have achieved through the 24-Hour Dispatch programs, the expansion of the AEOs, as well as the inspection of containers through x-ray technology.

“Customs has been undergoing a modernization process, it is the reality, that it has taken a huge leap with the current administration, Director Yayo is a very active person, very accessible and is also a great politician who has proven to be a great manager in Customs”, corroborated Estrella.

Alfonso Rojas, president of the Regional Group of the Private Sector of the Americas and the Caribbean, appreciated the realization of the Third Joint Forum Customs Regional Private Sector Group (FCA-GRSP), one of the three large regional customs events that take place in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, a recognition of the results of the DGA.

“Through process and security certifications, we can ensure that there is a reliable private sector, dedicating fewer revisions to make it more agile,” said Alfonso Rojas.

The event was also pondered by Erik Moncayo, international president of the World Organization (World BASC Organization) of the Business Alliance For Secure Commerce.

Moncayo mentioned that during the forum and the meetings, issues of high importance for the region were discussed, such as security, the exchange of information, and the role of customs in protecting the environment through control of the import and export of materials and harmful substances.

The president of the Dominican Shipowners Association, Jack Rannik, highlighted the progress for Dominican trade of the recently promulgated Maritime Trade Law, by the Executive Power last January.

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