Home Entertainment Ending the debate, Salman pulled Vicky into his chest

Ending the debate, Salman pulled Vicky into his chest

Ending the debate, Salman pulled Vicky into his chest

Famous Bollywood stars are currently in Dubai for ‘IIFA Awards 2023’. This year’s IIFA will be held on May 27 with grand arrangements. However, there has already been a lot of discussion about IIFA. Recently a video has gone viral online.

Bollywood’s rising star Vicky Kaushal was seen being pushed away by Salman Khan’s security personnel while entering the IIFA event. Since the video went viral, Salman Khan has been heavily criticized. Bhaijan did not even recognize Vicky in his eyes! And then the netizens started criticizing Salman. Many are claiming that Salman is angry with Vicky for marrying Katrina.
Since marriage, Salman’s relationship with Vicky is not good.

However, Vicky has already clarified this matter. Referring to the controversial video, Vicky said, ‘Sometimes things are not as shown in the video. People start talking too much about certain things.

There’s really no point in talking so much about it.’

In the midst of Vicky’s cleanup, the new video of Eifer’s green carpet came forward, where Salman Khan was seen going forward and pulling Vicky to his chest. In the video, Salman Khan is seen walking down the green carpet, while Vicky is busy interviewing him standing in front. Salman himself moved towards Vicky, then pulled her into his chest. The paparazzi shouted from behind.

Salman’s fans finally got relief from such generous behavior.

Vicky is currently busy promoting her next movie ‘Zara Hotke Zara Bachake’. The actor has teamed up with Sara Ali Khan in this. The movie will release on June 2. Apart from Sara and Vicky, the movie also stars Rakesh Bedi, Sharib Hashmi, Neeraj Sood and other actors. On the other hand Salman Khan is busy with his much awaited film ‘Tiger 3’. Bhaijaan will be seen teaming up with Katrina once again. The shooting of the movie has already been completed. ‘Tiger 3’ will release on Diwali.

Source: Hindustan Times

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