End of the projection of 11 million inhabitants of the Chinese city of Wuhan

Operation completed in Wuhan. The Chinese city authorities announced on Sunday the end of the vast Covid-19 detection campaign, organized after a resurgence in the number of cases, more than a year after the coronavirus appeared there.

Testing of more than 11 million people since Tuesday essentially allows “full coverage” of everyone in the city except children under the age of six and students on vacation abroad, said Li Tao, a senior Wuhan official. , at a press conference, according to the Xinhua News Agency.

On Monday, August 2, three new cases of Covid-19 had been confirmed in the metropolis of 11 million inhabitants, caught in turn by an outbreak of the Delta strain that appeared last month in the east of the country. Previous Covid cases recorded in the city date back to May 2020. In total, seven workers from other provinces tested positive for Covid-19, authorities announced Monday. Four of them, however, have no symptoms of the disease.

China, which virtually eradicated the epidemic in spring 2020, has faced the most widespread resurgence of the virus since last year for a few weeks. With at least 300 new infections confirmed in total in July across the country, this increase in contamination remains very limited, however, compared to the numbers recorded in other countries.

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