Employers have fired two taxi drivers who were convicted of spending more than 100,000 pesos using a card lost by a passenger

Two taxi driver were convicted of a crime Fraud after it was discovered that they made purchases for more than 100,000 pesos using the credit card that a customer had lost in a cell phone.

The President of the Board of Trustees taxi, Oscar Douradoemphasized the effectiveness and speed with which the police and judiciary acted in the case.

The authorities asked the employers’ association to georeference the taxi and from this information they were able to identify those responsible for the maneuver, a man and a woman.

“We are actually very satisfied with the work of the judiciary and the police, which manages to exclude those who do not behave correctly from our taximeter activity,” he explained. Dourado assured that the incident does not affect the passenger’s confidence in the taxi.

After the court decision, which ordered a prison sentence of eight months for the woman and 16 months for the man, the employer in both cases removed them from the payroll on probation and removed the numbers of the drivers who can no longer accept trips.

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