The Council of Ministers yesterday appointed Eloísa del Pino Matute new president of the Superior Council for Scientific Research of the State Agency (CSIC). Linked to the Ministry of Science and Innovation, it is the largest public institution in Spain dedicated to scientific research and technique and one of the most outstanding in the European Research Area.

Its objective is to act on three fronts: improving working conditions, reducing bureaucratic and administrative burdens and updating organizational and governance structures.

Del Pino, who until now held the position of deputy director of Institutional Analysis at the Independent Fiscal Responsibility Authority (AIReF), relieves chemistry Rosa Menendezwho has been at the head of the organization for almost five years.

The new president intends to act in three scopes: better working conditions, less bureaucratic and administrative burdens and updating of organizational and governance structures.

The purpose of his appointment is to strengthen the role of the CSIC as an effective science policy instrument and to carry out the necessary reforms to strengthen the public science system.

The trajectory of Eloisa del Pino

Eloísa del Pino holds a PhD in Political Science from the Complutense University of Madrid (MCU) and a degree in Law and Political Science. She was director of the Office of the Minister of Health, Consumption and Social Security (2018-2020) and directed the Service Quality Observatory at the Quality Assessment and Service Policy Agency (AEVALMinistry of Territorial Policy, 2009-11).

He replaces chemist Rosa Menéndez, who has been at the helm of the organization for nearly five years.

She was a professor of Political Science and Administration at the URJC and not UAM. During her academic career she was a visiting researcher at the IEP-Bordeaux and at the Universities of Kent, Ottawa and the University of Oxford during the 2016-17 academic year.

Your search revolved around public policies and their evaluation, the political determinants of the reform of social policies and the Welfare State; citizen’s attitudes towards the State and public policies and public administration and management.


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