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Electric hypercar Rimac Nevera breaks 23 records

Rimac Nevera

When it comes to hypercar-level EVs, 0-60 mph times just aren’t enough. People expect more when they choose these models and the performance has to be excellent. The Rimac Nevera has already proven to be one of the highest performing vehicles in the world, but now its dominance is fully confirmed after setting 23 performance records in a single day, an unprecedented feat for any vehicle.

Since its creation in Croatia in 2009, Rimac Automobili has become a leader in electric hypercar technology. They are responsible for some of the most exciting and advanced automobiles ever created. Rimac made history in 2016 when it launched its first electric car, the Concept One, as one of the fastest production cars in existence. Although it is a limited edition of only 8 units, it has managed to become a landmark.

Rimac’s Concept Two, released in 2018, has had a makeover and is now available in a production version, now known as the Fridge. Electric car lovers should be excited about the fridge; it has the potential to be a revolutionary hypercar that can easily outperform its fossil fuel competitors. That could make electric cars a more viable alternative for drivers on the road.

For the past two years, we’ve been monitoring the Nevera’s progress as it goes through its final crash tests before receiving its winter test clips. Rimac announced plans to produce 150 units of refrigerators at a cost of US$2.4 million each, representing an ambitious increase in production scale.

Although Rimac’s Hypercar is expensive, it’s worth every penny

Just 6 months ago, Rimac held its records for being the fastest electric vehicle. And now they’ve verified 23 more performance-related records, which definitely makes them “the ultimate record-breaking hypercar.”

Rimac pushed his Cooler to the limit on track again today and got some impressive results as reported by European media. Photos of the event can be seen below.

A new record was set at Germany’s Papenburg Automotive Test Facility (ATP) using its 4 kilometer straights. The tests were carried out on the straight section and the results were remarkable. All 23 records have been verified by Dewesoft and RaceLogic, each with specialists on hand to ensure full functionality of the equipment.

Rimac recently set a new 0-400 km/h (249 mph) record of 21.31 seconds. In addition, they also achieved top results in the quarter mile, mile stop and 100-0 km/h stop distance events. The Nevera delivered impressive results, beating the official 0-60 mph spec of 1.85 seconds and achieving a time of 1.74 seconds. Mate Rimac, founder of the Rimac Group, expressed his satisfaction with the record times set by this extraordinary vehicle:

Growing up, I always looked back to the cars that made history by raising the bar in performance, in awe of the kind of revolutionary technology they brought to the road. That’s what’s driven me from day one: to develop new technology that redefines what’s possible. Today, I’m proud to say that the car we created can reach 400 km/h and back to zero in less time than the McLaren F1 took to accelerate to 350 km/h. And not only that, but you can do this over and over again, breaking every other performance record in the process. If you had a Cooler and access to a track, you might as well.

Despite its high price, the electric hypercar offers something special for the 150 exclusive customers: they can push their driving skills to new limits and challenge their own existing records in an eco-friendly way. This is a unique opportunity not often found in today’s electric vehicle market. Check out Rimac’s documented record day below.

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