Home Sports Elche CF coach has a favorite to replace Lucas Boyé

Elche CF coach has a favorite to replace Lucas Boyé

Francisco assumes the departure of his great scorer and has in mind the ideal replacement

So that the Elche CF continue upwards next year, it is vital to get it right in the transfer market. Francisco he has done things very well but he already knows that the Elche CF will transfer to Lucas Boye to the Sevilla F.C.. It is essential to get it right with the signing of a substitute who offers immediate performance at the height of the Argentine.

The Argentine striker is, without a doubt, the most coveted piece of the Elche CF squad. Sevilla FC is one of the teams that has shown the most interest in his signing, but it is not the only one. Other big European teams also closely follow the player and they could offer a significant sum of money for their signingand. That is why they will go to the market in search of a striker.

Elche Francis
Cucho Hernández could meet again with Francisco

Francisco asks Elche CF for a striker

One of the names that has sounded the most in recent days to reinforce the Elche team is that of Cucho Hernández. The Colombian striker has played this season at the English club Watford, where he has not had the desired role. That is why this summer he will explore the offers that come to him, because he wants to return to Spanish football, which is where he has shown the best level.

For his signing, Elche CF has an asset that works in his favour. And it is that Francisco knows Cucho Hernández perfectly, since he was his coach at SD Huesca. Now, coach and footballer could meet again in the Elche team, which seeks to strengthen the attack zone. Of course, he will not be affordable despite the fact that the player’s desire is to leave the Premier League.

Elche Cf will enter about 15 kilos for Boyé

To get his services, Elche CF plans to allocate part of the income from Lucas Boyé. The Argentine forward, who this season has scored 7 goals in the Santander League, has a termination clause of 20 million euros. A clause to which Elche CF is accepting due to the interest of big teams. However, at this time it seems unlikely that anyone will reach this amount.

The most realistic thing is that his transfer is around 15 million euros, an amount that would be enough to allocate part of the signing of Cucho Hernández, which could cost around 6-9 million euros. Now it only remains to be seen how the transfer market progresses, but the Colombian footballer is a serious candidate to return to Spanish football this summer given the little prominence he has at Watford.

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