Home Sports El Licey de Dominicana advances to the final of the Caribbean Series

El Licey de Dominicana advances to the final of the Caribbean Series

El Licey de Dominicana avanza a la final de la Serie del Caribe

The Tigres del Licey team, representative of the Dominican Republic, obtained their pass to the final this Thursday by beating the Cañeros de Mochis, from Mexico, 8-3, in the first semifinal of the eighth round ofthe 65th of the Caribbean Series "Simple TV Greater Caracas 2023”, which took place at the Forum de la Guaira stadium.

Dominicans They will face this Friday, at 7:30 p.m., the winner of the other semifinal that will be played tonight between the Vaqueros de Colombia and the Leones de Venezuela.

As a club, the high school won Caribbean Series titles in the years (1971, 73, 77, 80, 85, 91, 94, 99, 2004 and 2008), this Friday he goes for his crown 11 and 22 as the Dominican League. Licey had 13 hits, while the Cañeros had seven hits and two field errors.

The right esmil rogers his second victory of the Series was accredited. He worked six innings, allowed two runs, five hits, three walks and three strikeouts. He replaced him in the seventh Keury Mella. Jesus Liranzo he entered the box in the eighth. Jairo Asencio worked the ninth act to close the game.

the opener Matt Pobereyko, who began with the hosts of Mexico, charged with failure. He pitched at 3.2, allowed six hits, five runs, two walks and one strikeout.

replaced it Samuel Zazueta who came on to pitch in the sixth for Mexico for Fabian Cota that he had relieved in the fourth act. Rafael Cordova also relieved.

Robinson Canó shone on offense with 5-2, Henry Urrutia with two RBIs, Luis Barrera 3-2 with two runs scored, Kelvin Gutierrez two towed.

The first to score were the Tigres del Licey in the very first episode. After one out, Robinson Cano he hit for third, Yamaico Navarro followed with a single to the right meadow, Henry Urrutia received four bad ones, Mel Rojas Junior hit a sacrifice fly to left field, scoring Canó on a hit and run.

In the second inning, the Dominicans stepped on the plate again. Barriers was ticketed, Rivas lined out to third, Gustavo Nunez easy dispatch to center field to drive in Barreras.

In the fifth act, the Tigers increased the score by making three more scores.

Barreras opened with a double to the right field, Rivas missed with a line stretched to the right field where the defender stole at least one double, Núñez struck out, emilio boniface He towed one with a double to the right meadow, Canó reached first on a siore error, Navarro was balled, Henry Urrutia he followed with a hit to right field to drive in two more runs for the Tigers.

The Mexicans made two runs in the bottom of the fifth inning to make it 5-2. Roberto Valenzuela he hit the right meadow, Rodriguez he failed with a fly to center, Rodolfo Amador followed with a single to center field, Valenzuela advanced to second, Terdoslavich it was ticketed and the bases were loaded.

Rafael Ornelas he singled to center to drive in a run. stunned with a sacrifice fly he drove in the second of the inning.

In the seventh, Kevin Gutiérrez hit a superb home run to left field, having Mel Rojas in the first who had come by free walk. Dominican there put the game 7-2.


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