El Chiringuito celebrates Spanish motoring success

Everyone will remember March 24, 2024 as the day Spain won the top motorsport category and the three motorcycle categories.

The Spanish anthem has never sounded as loud as it did on March 24, 2024, both in Formula 1 and in the MotoGP categories, that’s what El Chiringuito experienced. It was a very emotional day for our entire nation, but also the world witnessed this great date that will be remembered for eternity by posterity and Spanish sport.

This time football was not the main topic at El Chiringuito, as high-speed sports predominated here. The big day started with Carlos Sainz’s big win in Australia (although this was recorded on Saturday). Then came the title of rider Jorge Martín in Portugal (MotoGP), followed by Aaron Canet (Moto2) and finally Daniel Holgado (Moto3).

EGD El Chiringuito
This great date was opened by Madrid Formula 1 driver Carlos Sainz with his victory at the Australian GP.

The names of Carlos Sainz and Jorge Martín were heard loudly in El Chiringuito

The two Madrid riders, one from the highest category of motorsport and the other from motorcycle racing, won their respective GPs. On Saturday March 23, the Ferrari team member won his first race of the year, this time in Australia. The usual favorite, Max Verstappen, was unable to finish the competition due to difficulties.

On the other hand, Jorge Martín also achieved his first win of the year and his sixth since starting MotoGP.. The man from Madrid shows that second place in the overall table last year was no coincidence and he is determined to win this season. On this occasion he beat Bastianini and his compatriot Pedro Acosta from the KTM.

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Arón Canet and Daniel Holgado also gained recognition in El Chirnguito

In the sports section there was also time to talk about the Moto2 and Moto 3 riders Arón Canet and Daniel Holgado respectively. The first celebrated his first race since starting in the silver category (4 years ago). And after 20 podiums without tasting the honey of first place, it was finally awarded to the 24-year-old Valencian.

Finally, it was the 18-year-old young man (Holgado) who amazed everyone in El Chiringuito when he achieved his fifth victory in Moto3. From this point on, the boy from Alicante has decided to continue this good series and finish top of the league at the end of the season. With this, Spain thanks its four children who achieve outstanding achievements in their respective disciplines.

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